PLACING AN ORDER- by placing an order you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. This ensures that the items are reserved for your specified date. ALL CORRESPONDENCE AFTER THE INITIAL ORDER IS TO BE VIA EMAIL ONLY, not social media such as Text messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger or Pages as responsibility will not be taken for missing information sent via these methods. All final details must be confirmed when you make your final payment. Joanne Carly Events Ltd agree to follow through with all requests of your order. Any changes after the final payment will be subject to availability.

OUR SERVICES- Joanne Carly Events Ltd will provide any items and services as outlined on the event form. We agree to turn up on time and deliver our products and services as agreed and then collect afterwards. You may be subject to further set up fees should we be required to do more than is reasonable for the products ordered. We offer further services which may be of benefit to you. Please make sure you speak to us about everything we can offer for your event.

BALLOONS- We prefer to deliver balloons as close to the start of your event as possible to ensure floatation for as long as possible. We can guarantee 4-6 hours of floatation however most of our arrangements will last for 24 hours. Too hot or too cold rooms will effect how helium reacts and Joanne Carly Events Ltd hold no responsibility for the effect of this on the balloons. We will advise on the best conditions. Should you be concerened about your balloons during your event please follow our during the event advice.

DAMAGES AND LOSS- Joanne Carly Events Ltd will not take responsibility for any damages or losses that occur during the hire of any of our products. The customer will pay for the cost of any of these including damages, stains, breakages and burns. Some items may be subject to a breakage deposit and should all return unbroken your deposit will be returned.

LIABILITY- Joanne Carly Events Limited trade as a limited company and therefore all liability lies with the company and not Joanne Carly McDonald or any of the employees. We accept liability up to the amount that your hire is worth and no more. We have full event public liability and professional indemnity insurance covered by Hiscox insurance.

DEPOSITS- The deposit to be paid is 20% or £20 (whichever is the higher amount) deposit is required by --/--/-- . This ensures your date is booked and we are available to you at the time outlined on the event form. Until this is paid you are within your right to withdraw your event. Once paid this deposit is non-refundable.

PAYMENT- Your deposit is due as above. The remaining balance is due 28 DAYS prior to your event. Failure to pay on time may result in us being unable to deliver our services in full. We often have to buy extra parts to fulfil event requirements and therefore the final balance must be paid 1 month before to ensure adequate time for ordering parts.

CANCELLATIONS- Cancellations by the customer with less than 28 DAYS notice will require a half payment. Cancellations by the customer with less than 7 DAYS notice will require a full payment. Cancellations outside of this time frame will not require any additional payment but any deposits are non-refundable. For some events numbers may increase or decrease. We advise underestimating your numbers when making the initial booking.

PLEASE NOTE- Venue/Event Managers should be made aware of the approximate time of our arrival so we may gain access at the time given. Unfortunately if the above is not adhered to it may result in the agents of Tangled Events not being able to start or fully complete the room décor. As such and with regret, Tangled Events reserve the right not to refund any monies that have been paid due to other parties not being in a position to allow us to complete the décor. 

SOCIAL MEDIA- Customers are aware that all photographs and videos from the event may be used on our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, website and other social media site. If you do not wish for the event to be used on our sites then please inform us in writing 7 days prior to the event. We will wait until at least 3 hours after your event has begun before posting any images to ensure guests get to see the venue first. If we have styled for a wedding this will tend to be the following day to allow for evening guests to arrive. 

GDPR AND PRIVACY- Customers are not to share any of my prices with other people, suppliers or venues. Each quote is personal and specific to the individual event and there may be variances between quotes because of this. All customer information is stored by Joanne Carly Events Ltd purely for use in the run up to the event and is then removed from our data base 2 months after the event has occurred.

DURING THE EVENT-If there are any issues or areas of concern with any of your products during the event then please contact the 24 hour hotline number 07803313748. We will either come out and resolve any problems or advise on the best thing to do.

AFTER THE EVENT- Tangled Events are to be advised of a collection time for the products once the customer has confirmed they are happy with the room upon set up. As a small business we would greatly appreciate your support if you could leave reviews on our Facebook page or email a written testimonial for us to share after you have experiences our services and products.

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